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Welcome to Prayer Expeditions

Prayer Expeditions began in 1989 when John Pressdee led a prayerwalk with Graham Kendrick from the top of Scotland to the edge of Cornwall, then from Wales to the East Coast of Great Britain. Over the last 30 years, Prayer Expeditions has led teams of ordinary Christians to walk more than 10,000 miles across the UK, Ireland and throughout the mainland of Europe! Our vision for Prayer Expeditions is that we may be used to bless others and to bring about reconciliation between nations, people groups and communities, and healing of the land, through walking and praying together. Historic division in the church and between people groups can be a major hindrance to the spread of the gospel of Jesus Christ.

About Us

In 1989, during a time of preparation for March for Jesus, John Pressdee felt that the Lord was calling him to walk and pray down the length of Great Britain. As he was not particularly fit and certainly not a walker; he checked it out with Graham Kendrick; only to find that the Lord had said the same thing to him! After completing the distance, they then felt that they should walk and pray across the country, from Anglesey to Lowestoft, thereby making the sign of the cross over mainland UK, which they did in 1990. God had called John to continue walking and praying and Prayer Expeditions was born! Countries we have walked through include: Austria, Belgium, Belarus, Bulgaria, France, England, Germany, Holland, Hungary, Northern Ireland, Poland, Republic of Ireland, Russia, Scotland, Serbia, Slovakia, Turkey, Wales. Prayer Expeditions is financed by gifts, including donations by those who take part in the prayer walks.

Prayer Expeditions is overseen by a team of dedicated trustees. The organisation subscribes to standard Christian doctrine, such as set out in the Evangelical Alliance "Basis of faith" statement.

Please contact us if you would like further information about Prayer Expeditions or upcoming prayer walks.